Monday Musings

I remember as a young teenager being upset because my older brother would be invited to parties and not me. I remember standing at the kitchen counter, invitation to my brother in hand and complaining, ‘It’s not fair. I’m friends with them too. Why wasn’t I invited?’

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Monday Missive: Finally Old and New

I sit, blank screen. Check out Facebook, blogs on WordPress, the news, answer some texts…Hmm, Netflix—wonder what the next episode of that time-travel series, Contiuum holds? No, must write. Return to blank page. Then to WordPress for Daily prompt for inspiration…
Finally! That’s a good start.

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What am I doing here on Earth? What is my purpose? And a sadness creeps over me. Am I going to wander this vast empty space alone? All my life? Forever? I put down my spoon of my untouched porridge. Must be something in the water. I’m not hungry today.