Out of the Chocolate Box (54)

‘You have one more chance to redeem yourself, Ensign Mueller,’ Driver took a deep breath and made a tent shape with her hands and fingers. ‘You will be heading for Boris’ hideout; his planet. Over the past few days, we’ve been able to track Boris’ movements. It’s a distance, many light years from here, close to the galactic hub near a black hole. This mission is extremely dangerous. You’ll sever all ties with family, friends and shipmates. Although for you the time will seem only a few weeks, because of the time distortion near the epicenter of the Milky Way, for the rest of us, time will pass into years, maybe decades.

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Out of the Chocolate box (28)

Voices, children crying, shouting, and the hollow emptiness crowded my senses. It was like the ghosts of the past that inhabited this home, had camped in my memories. I was faint with dizziness. The room began to spin. I had to get out of there.

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