How to Blog–Without Re-inventing the Wheel (2)

At the restaurant, I bumped into a friend from art group. And at the bookshop across the road, my cousin met a friend. ‘I’m amazed,’ my mum said to my cousin and me, ‘everywhere we go, you meet people you know.’ It’s the same with blogging. It’s a worldwide community. But how is anyone going to know that your blog exists, if you don’t promote it?


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Out of Time (4.1)

Letitia selected a strip of carrot from the salad bowl that Frieda had brought out with her and chomped on it. The headlines on the front page of the newspaper, concerned her. “Late News Over Hanging” was plastered over the front page. The issue relating to capital punishment sent chills down her spine and she trembled.
Wilhelm peeked over the paper. ‘What’s the matter, Letitia? You’ve gone all pale.’

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Aussie Summer Tales (1)

I squinted and studied the two colourful blobs on the sandhill. ‘Er, how d’ya know they’re residents?’ I asked Monica.

Monica splashed me. ‘Well, just look at them! It’s a hundred degrees and they’re dressed in clothes.’

I sighed and began to wade out the water.

‘Minna! What? You’re not going! They might be dangerous!’ Monica begged after me but did not move from her safe spot.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (5)

As the Captain cried all aboard and the ferry’s horn reverberated throughout the cove, I scampered over to the ticket office. ‘One fare to Sarah Island.’ I offered my credit card.
‘Sorry, love.’ The stout man with jolly red cheeks shook his head. ‘We’re all sold out.’
‘But I lost my ticket.’ I clasped my hands together in begging pose. ‘I need to get on that boat—I must get to Sarah Island—isn’t there…?’
The man swayed his head full of grey curls. ‘I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat.’

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