Out of the Chocolate Box (59)

After taking off my cloak, I hooked the cloth in the crook of my elbow and charged through after her.
Several beings, solidly built but half my height, greeted us.
I froze. ‘Wh-what are they? Munchkins?’
‘Meet the “Morphans”, Holly,’ Commander D replied. ‘They won’t bite.’
With pleading eyes and stretching out their hands holding bowls, the “Morphans” cried, ‘Food! Food! Food!’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (2)

I nursed a tall glass of lemonade chock full of ice. More ice than lemonade. Lemonade on the rocks. Did I mention the shot of whisky? Months spent as prisoner to the hospital system, I needed a break. Just one night before the mission. One last whiff of a real log fire. What am I doing here?

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The Raw Deal (3)

‘Not here in Australia. Not since,’ she lowered her voice, ‘I mean it got taken away in the ‘3o’s when we became a republic and,’ her eyes darted in the direction of a hologram of a popular avatar from a neighbouring country to Australia, ‘sold our country to—you know.’

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