Out of the Chocolate Box (8)

‘Aye, Sir.’ I sighed. ‘I’ll look forward to working with you, Captain.’ My knees went weak. I’m working with him! The Captain. Despite his current aloofness, he possessed an aura, powerful, magnetic, and I had to admit, Teutonic. There’s hope. I’ll convert him. Bring out the fun-loving relaxed side of him. There is a fun, relaxed side of him, surely. All this Captain stuff, this serious German thing is an act, surely.
‘Ready Ensign? It’s time.’ Fahrer glanced down at my legs.
‘I’m ready, Sir.’ I stepped towards him, my legs wobbling. ‘I’m all yours.’ Probably not the best choice of words, but then, I’m not known for my choice of words.

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The Choice Bits (2)

The wailing started again. Gunter sighed. Grandmother waddled to the table and began scrubbing it. Despite his sister, Salome’s pleading and urging to placate her mother’s rages, the screams rose to a crescendo.
Gunter shut his mind to the agonised cries and dreamed of a faraway land, the Great South Land. His father had told him about this land.

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Neighbours to Entertain

Shouting echoed across the road.
Frieda placed her loads down, and then ducked behind the acacia bush. She watched through the lattice of leaves and listened. Mike, the father of the young family next door to Ned, raged at a pot-bellied man.
Frieda frowned. ‘Poor Mike, still in his pyjamas. Hmm, he doesn’t look happy. Wonder what Pot-belly did to wake him up?’

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Lost World of the Wends (30)

A lady with a withered face, and so stooped she probably only looked normal if she sat, opened the door. ‘Yah?’
Joseph used his best German. ‘I beg your pardon, but would you be so kind as to tell us where the doctor resides?’
The old lady grimaced and with an arthritic finger also bent double, pointed down the street. ‘At the end of the road, on the corner. The one with the Merc—can’t miss it.’
Amie and Joseph caught each other’s eye.
‘Did you say, ‘Merc’? A car?’ Joseph asked.
‘Yah. Ze horseless carriage—he didn’t want to be doctor—he vas our pastor. Aber Herr Roach insisted…persuaded him.’
‘With the Merc.’
The woman nodded. ‘No one likes it—it spooks the horses.’

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Lost World of the Wends (28)

‘Oh, that’s taking things a bit too far—and remember, I’m the authority around here. No, I don’t believe you. They were hiding—you, Herr Biar were hiding them all this time. You—will—pay.’
Boris drew his hand as a gun. Blinding light flashed. The lamp beside Amie disintegrated.

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