K-TEAM South Australia Day 2

‘They want to go to Morialta and see the koalas,’ my husband said.
‘But Morialta’s in the opposite direction,’ I said, ‘surely they can go another day. Anyway, what if I take them to Kuitpo, then we can still go to Sellicks beach and they’ll see some wildlife, perhaps even a koala.’
‘Good idea,’ was the reply.
With an overcast day, what better idea than to hike in Kuitpo forest. Being the sole-K responsible for the tour that day, I had the final say.

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But for our Swiss relatives, Adelaide was where they spent their holidays this past week. Our challenge as the K-Team, was to be their tour-guides, showing them the many hidden (to the world) delights in and around Adelaide.
So, begin the adventures of the K-Team SA.

Day 1
Barossa Valley

Shortly before the relatives arrived, panic of the brothers-K set in. Yes, we were going to the Barossa Valley. But where?