K-Team Adventures–Tahune Airwalk

Now one thing one must know about the K-Team, they have to get their money’s worth. And true to form, that day, we did indeed receive value for our money.

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Fantastic Fleurieu (3) — Kuitpo Forest

After my faulty and human navigation skills led us astray (we turned down a road too early), we did a U-turn, and trundled back to the Meadows Road. There we sailed to the next turn off, this one sign-posted, white letter on brown, to Kuitpo. I apologised for leading us astray while my husband reminded me that he knew the way.

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T-K Team close to Home–Sturt Gorge

And so, I feel blessed that we live in a beautiful part of Adelaide, in the foothills with Sturt Gorge only one street away. Yet, though the gorge is close, our visits to it have been rare – maybe once every couple of years.
The main issues with Sturt Gorge is: 1) snakes which are active in Spring and Summer, and 2) it’s easy to get down into the gorge, but hard work climbing up out of the gorge.

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