Lost World of the Wends (64)

‘What about the boy, Friedrich?’ Nathan asked.
Amie shrugged. ‘He belongs here.’
‘With that nut you call Boris?’
Joseph looked Walter up and down. ‘Are you sure he’s not Boris?’
‘I’m not!’ Walter pouted. ‘I told you when I first saw you two back there, Boris impersonated me. The creep!’

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Lost World of the Wends (48)

Friedrich bit into his bread-meal that Walter named a “burger”. He thought that was a strange name for bread buns with meat in the middle. His father was a “burgher”, but here these people from the world of Australia called food, “burgers”.

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Lost World of the Wends (42)

‘Wouldn’t be the first time.’ Nathan chuckled and then turned. His grin vanished and with eyes widened like saucers. He stared beyond Walter, into the night.
‘What’s up?’ Walter followed his gaze.
A man, about Walter’s height and build emerged through the precinct gates. He drifted towards them.
‘Boris!’ the boy whispered.
The dog cowered beside Friedrich and whimpered.

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