Out of the Chocolate Box (69)

A few minutes later I heard a scream. ‘DADDEEE!’ Then a cry. ‘NOOOO!’
An alarm rang throughout the complex. Screams, howls, and gunshots echoed left and right of my room.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (67)

‘What?’ Kirk slid onto a beanbag sized cushion as if he were God’s gift to a galaxy full of females. ‘Cat got your tongue?’
I shrugged.
He jumped up, stretched and flexed his muscles. ‘I won’t bite.’
That’s not the story I got from Boris.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (56)

Driver picked her crowded teeth with the end of a paper clip.
We sat at the bridge of the “Storm”, a small craft, but we did nothing, and the computer did everything: Navigation, piloting, maintenance—you name it, the machine did it, even serving tea and coffee.
‘I suppose a hundred years has passed back there,’ I said.
‘Oh, no my dear, nothing like that! Time doesn’t pass that quickly.’ Driver corrected. ‘Only a few months really.’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (54)

‘You have one more chance to redeem yourself, Ensign Mueller,’ Driver took a deep breath and made a tent shape with her hands and fingers. ‘You will be heading for Boris’ hideout; his planet. Over the past few days, we’ve been able to track Boris’ movements. It’s a distance, many light years from here, close to the galactic hub near a black hole. This mission is extremely dangerous. You’ll sever all ties with family, friends and shipmates. Although for you the time will seem only a few weeks, because of the time distortion near the epicenter of the Milky Way, for the rest of us, time will pass into years, maybe decades.

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