Out of the Chocolate Box (38)

‘It will be alright; the car will have fuel. I heard that it has two fuel tanks. One for gas and one for petrol.’ I had to believe that what I said was going to be true, or I would be the one going nuts. ‘You have to have a little faith.’
‘Faith? Holly you are so naïve,’ Günter muttered as we trotted down the valley to the car.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (37)

Captain Fahrer and Holly hiked. Fahrer argued. Holly pushed his buttons. This hike across the Pilgrim Planet mountains was becoming more dangerous than navigating a drive through the Furka Pass in Switzerland…

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Bliss! It’s Free!

“Hey, that wasn’t supposed to happen!” I leapt to my feet, my jumpsuit twisted around my ankles. The shrubs had disappeared and were replaced by the glass panels of the transporter enclosure. The control operators fixed their eyes on me as I struggled to pull up my suit.

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