Out of the Chocolate Box (46a)

I attempted to sleep, but instead tossed and turned. I was on the mystery trail and no closer to sleeping. My mind spun round and round, thoughts rotating like in a tumble dryer. Those days and weeks before she passed, she shared her story—but not this. When I asked why it all happened, she went silent.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (45)

At seven in the evening, I scampered down to the kitchen and attempted to scrounge some scraps from the kitchen hand; some weedy adolescent wearing a hooded windcheater. What was he hiding? Pimples? He kept mumbling, ‘You’re too late, Miss’.
In the end, I mumbled in reply, ‘This retreat is not a retreat, it’s more like a boarding school or even a concentration camp’.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (40)

As we rumbled and tumbled out of the valley and over the savannah, Günter flicked through the diminished and faded tape collection. On this state-of-the-art flying-space car, how quaint to have cassette tapes!
‘What is Billy Connolly?’ he asked.
Günter ejected Dire Straits and inserted Billy Connolly.
A flood of swear words filled the cabin.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (39)

Günter stood back and watched. ‘So, where’s the key?’
‘Erm, I remember John, Minna’s brother…’
I groped under the rim of the front left tyre.
Gunter rolled his eyes. ‘I know who John is.’
‘Well, he…’ I ran my fingers over the rough and greasy underside edge of the car body.

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