T-Team Series–Kings Canyon

Keen to explore, Dad scrambled up the side of the gully and rock-climbed up a ledge. There he splayed himself like a huntsman spider flattened to the vertical surface, his bald head switching every which way for the next hand or foot hold. ‘If we could just get over this cliff,’ he yelled.

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The Lost World of the Wends–Potato Wars

She peered through the hoary window, into the dazzling light, searching. Herr Boris Roach had assured them they had reached the Promised Land—Australia. Now that they were here, settled, and with questions…he turned cruel; more like the rulers they’d fled than the friendly man he’d been. Questions? Herr Boris Roach forbade questions.

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All On a Sunday (3)

More exploration of the Historic Precinct where Mum walked us through her childhood. First, her old home and the porch converted into a bedroom in which she slept. Now, the home is “renovated” into an art gallery. Her room fetches up to something like one thousand dollars a night for an authentic experience of yesteryear’s accommodation. To think, I did that for virtually free in the 1970’s…not her room, but…

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Mirror World (50)

Five hundred metres up the esplanade, just when I reached the hotel, Kirk opened his eyes and groaned. ‘Whaddya doin’? Where you takin’ me?’
‘Don’ wanna go home. Wanna partee!’

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T-Team Next Generation–All In A Sunday

Anthony narrowed his eyes and growled, ‘We’re not making a fire.’
I approached my nephew who squatted by a campfire which he had lit. ‘We’re not making a fire,’ I said and then dumped my wood collection into the fire. ‘We’re not having a fire?’
My nephew laughed. ‘I was just playing with my stick and it broke and went in the fire.’
‘And my pieces of wood just fell into the fire,’ I added.

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Mirror World (49)

Mrs. Cowper emerged on the scene again. I ducked behind Gunter again. People do strange and inexplicable acts in panic. Not that I can judge. As Gunter turned and said, ‘I will be fine, it would be better for you to go now’, a thunderous crack reverberated through the mass of bodies gathered under the pergola.
‘Got ‘em! I did. Ha! Ha! I “blattered” ‘em good!’ A large man proclaimed amidst the splattered wreckage of cream, stiffened egg white and meat pieces.

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Mirror World (48)

Nick Cowper took another swig of beer from his “stubbie”. ‘Yep. Holly won’t be giving us any more trouble.’ Nodding out to sea Mr Cowper remarked slipping into a Londoner accent, ‘She’ll keep. Nice bit of spice. If you know what I mean Jorg.’ Mr. Cowper nudged Gunter while Gunter focussed on the clouds-tinged pink from the setting sun. ‘Reason I didn’t quite make it to Ebor, wot wif ‘elping the constabulary arrest ‘er and put ‘er away. Don’t worry, we ‘ave enough evidence, wot wif ‘er gettin’ into ‘unter’s car ‘n all. Oooh, wot a scandal! Car that smashed in from behind, caught it all on camera and it’s making the rounds of News-tube as we speak.’

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