Meagre Morsels

I wandered off by myself to squander those few precious relics of dried fruit and savour their shrivelled sugary taste. But the meagre morsels were not enough to satisfy my hunger and I cried.

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Lost World of the Wends (42)

‘Wouldn’t be the first time.’ Nathan chuckled and then turned. His grin vanished and with eyes widened like saucers. He stared beyond Walter, into the night.
‘What’s up?’ Walter followed his gaze.
A man, about Walter’s height and build emerged through the precinct gates. He drifted towards them.
‘Boris!’ the boy whispered.
The dog cowered beside Friedrich and whimpered.

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Clutch, Double-de

‘Slow down! Slow down!’ Dad screeched, his foot pumping the imaginary brake.
‘Yeah, okay, okay!’ I pressed my foot on the clutch and forced the gears down. Crunch!
‘No!’ Dad lurched for the gear stick. ‘Not like that! You have to double-de-clutch.’

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